Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get another copy of the user agreement?

Is there a tutorial that could walk me through the online licensing process?

What is CCLI?
Christian Copyright Licensing International. They sell a church copyright license that grants certain rights to churches for using songs in worship. To learn more about what CCLI does and what their licenses cover please go to

What does a CCLI license cover?
A CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) license covers a wide range of common tasks that churches take part in on a weekly basis. You can print songs, hymns and lyrics in bulletins, programs, liturgies and songsheets for use in congregational singing; record or video your worship service; and more. Visit CCLI for more information. 

Where can I learn more about how licensing and music publishing works?
The NMPA (National Music Publishers' Association) has some great information about this topic. They have put together a great page describing the basics of music publishing. Click here to view Music Publishing 101

Where can I purchase copies of sheet music for a Capitol CMG song?
Songbooks, digital sheet music and chord charts, and other song products are available through several websites: 
Who collects royalties for our songs in other countries?
We have various Sub-Publishers who license songs and collect royalties on our behalf in various countries around the world. Please email for more information. 

If I use one of your recordings, why do I have to pay for two licenses?
There are typically two types of licenses needed when purchasing a license for a recording (master). There is a license to use the composition, which is sometimes referred to as a mechanical license. This license fee is paid to publishers, who then pay the songwriters. There is an additional license to use an artist's recording of the composition. The recording (master) license fee is paid to the record label, then to the artist.  If you are recording your own version of the song, you will only need to license the composition (i.e. obtain a mechanical license). 

Don't see a Licensee in your drop down box?
You must first create a Parent Company and Licensee for your account. Here's how to set them up.

Click Account Settings > Click Request New Parent Company. Type in the name and submit. (As an example, our parent company is Capitol Christian Music Group. Our licensee is Sparrow Records.)

Once submitted, click Account Settings > Request New Licensee. Choose the Parent Company you setup in the last step, and click the button Request New Licensee For This Parent Company. Your licensee and parent company request will be submitted to us for approval before they will show up in your drop down menu. You will be notified by email when everything is approved and ready for you to request licenses.

Who should I contact regarding mechanical, non-broadcast sync, or print licensing?
If you are a commercial user, licensing is available through the Capitol CMG Publishing website ( Click on the Administration tab and then click Licensing Application. If you are applying for 5,000 or less units, please go to our custom licensing website

What are your standard rates?
Mechanical: Statutory Rate
Digital Phonal Record Download: Statutory Rate
Print: 12.5% of retail, pro-rata
Digital Print: 50% of retail, pro-rata
Digital Video Downloads: 15% of Gross Receipts, floor of $0.15 per song, per copy
Non-Broadcast Synchronization: $0.15 per song, per copy

Who would I contact regarding broadcast film and TV licensing for Capitol CMG songs?
Please visit "Film, TV, and Gaming" for instructions on submitting a synchronization license request. 

What is a PRO?
A performance rights organization. In the US, we have three options: ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. In Canada, the PRO is SOCAN. And in the UK, it is PRS. They collect money for performances of songs on the radio, in TV programs, live venues, and websites. The writer decides which PRO they will affiliate with. Their affiliation will determine which CMG publisher s/he will be linked with.

Where can I submit songs I have written for consideration in a publishing deal with your company?
A great way to submit your songs is through 2 organizations we partner with: the Gospel Music Association and the Christian Music Summit. These organizations host regional events that are an excellent way to have your songs reviewed and critiqued by top professionals from our company and all of the major publishers and labels.